Performant Data is a software engineering company based in Berkeley, California, specializing in enterprise Java, databases, and performance optimization consulting.

We've been creating software since 1986, consulting in the San Francisco area since 1992. We provide expertise in the Java platform for web development firms, or extend the capabilities of software engineering departments.

Our emphasis is on clear, well-documented, and optimized code written with fast, statically-typed languages — Java, Scala, C++ — to give your applications cost-effective scaling and long-term maintainability. We're experts at interfacing to SQL databases via JPA + EJB + CDI + JNDI in a Java EE environment; we also have experience with NoSQL stores, like Lucene. We deliver using a standard Apache + Tomcat stack, for easy deployment to Amazon Web Services, or to your own Xen/Linux systems. We can even build out your whole development pipeline, from Eclipse + Maven + GitHub/GitLab for local coding iterations, to Jenkins for continuous-integration, to monitoring systems based on Cacti and JMX.